Safety is critical on construction sites.  Falls are the leading cause of death for construction workers.  OSHA mandates protective measures be implemented for residential construction 6 feet or higher.

Roof work has a particularly high risk of falls.  Installing roof trusses involves work high above the ground and the trusses are often not stable until they are properly braced.

Construction employers need a comprehensive plan to make sure they have the correct fall protection systems in place.  Construction workers also need to be properly trained.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems are designed to safely stop a fall before the worker hits the ground.  These PFAS systems consist of three components.

1. Anchor – secures the worker’s harness

2. Full body harness

3. Connector – lanyard or lifeline connecting the harness to the anchorage.

It’s key that workers wear full body harnesses, as serious injury can result from body belts.  PFAS need strong anchor points that can support the weight of the worker during the fall.